Navigate 5 party guests through the crowd to the food table.

Gather dropped gifts for extra points.

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Terry B. Baad

Party'er Profile

Every company needs a resident party animal, so come party time there’s someone to get the whole shebang started. At Truth, we meant that term literally. Terry is the phrase “here for a good time, not a long time” personified. While hanging out with him might result in a hangover the next morning, a divulged secret or two, sweat-stained clothes, and a weird pain at your side you don’t remember getting at all, you’ll definitely have a good time.

Chatty Kathy

Party'er Profile

You know her. She talks waaaaaayyyy too much. About office gossip. About the mysterious person who keeps taking her parking spot. About her cat who is now sick. And did you know that helping a cat push out their poop isn’t as gross as it sounds? She’ll chat up pretty much anyone about pretty much anything. Smile and nod, folks, smile and nod.

Bitcoin Bob

Party'er Profile

Still don’t understand Bitcoin? Don’t say that around Bob. He’ll go into an hour-long explainer about why bitcoin is the future – which you can also hear on his podcast about you guessed it: bitcoin. Give him a drink or two, and he might also fess up to being the person stealing Chatty Kathy’s parking spot.

Inebriated IT Guy

Party'er Profile

The guy who drinks way too much at the party, and decides this is the moment to get a little bit rowdy. Well, as rowdy as an IT guy can get at an office party. You might see him dance badly. He might try to talk to you about code while you’re using the bathroom. He might even try to get you to invest in his start-up idea. Whatever happens, just have a glass of water ready and be prepared to dodge him if he asks you to dance.

Microwave Mary

Party'er Profile

There’s a weird smell coming from the kitchen. It’s probably because of Mary. Do not investigate. Don’t even ask, “what’s that smell?” Just do what everyone else does, write a passive-aggressive note and tape it to the microwave. She may get the hint… Eventually.

Swearin’ Steve

Party'er Profile

Steve likes to swear, but when he’s at the office, he keeps it modest. However, when there’s alcohol involved, Steve lets loose. Every other word needs a live audio bleep. Luckily for him he can’t get fined by the FCC.

HR Violation Vicky

Party'er Profile

Vicky struggles with the concept of boundaries. She means well, but her jokes go too far and often land her in a chat with HR. She’s the one who is most likely to spike the punch, so it'll be best to stick to the canned beverages. And for the love of god, if she asks you to pull her finger, don’t.


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The Truth family wouldn’t be what it is without you, so we’re showing our gratitude by donating to Rochester Artist Collaborative this holiday season. Visit their website to learn more about how the organization supports local underrepresented artists. ‘Tis the season, party people!